​​​​Rays of   LOVE

Malawi, Central Africa

Spiritual Science is a nonprofit association initiating the Bhakti Village Project to provide foods, shelters, holistic healing, spiritual education and vocational skills to the homeless children, seniors and orphans worldwide.  Our vision is to create the Bhakti Village Project in Third World countries to serve and save the humanity from hunger and poverty conditions, and uplift their spirits bringing the joy, happiness, unity, peace and love into their lives.

We choose to initiate the first Bhakti Village in Malawi, Central Africa.  Since we have been supporting the orphanage established and cared by Pastor Keyason Manjolo in Chikwawa District, T A Chapananga County, Malawi, Central Africa over the past two years. 

The concept of the Bhakti Village is a permaculture design principle and combine with the latest green technology to provide free energy, clean water and natural living etc. creating a new sustainable green living community.

The eco-green sustainable living village will provide a home for 300 orphaned children, and 100 elders/adults, education for all the children, skills training for the local community, an income-generating eco-farm, and hundred local jobs.

Spiritual Science’s goal is to develop the first Bhakti Village Project in Malawi, Central Africa as the initial model to duplicate in other countries once we have succeeded our first Bhakti Village.  We could also build the Bhakti Village Project simultaneously based on the funding acquired and resources per the approved country to develop it.

Spiritual Science NPA’s mission is to reduce the number of street children, orphans worldwide by develop the Bhakti Village Project throughout the world in order to accommodate the majority of the street children and orphans globally as much as we can to provide proper care, shelters, healing, education and love to them.

Together, We Can Make A Difference

We are opened to receive any donations supporting us to initiate this Bhakti Village Project now so we can provide shelters, education, jobs, health care and foods...etc. to these unfortunate children and elders around the world.

Bhakti Village Project

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