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She is a member of United States Volunteer Join Services Command, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and she also served as Founder and CEO of the Khmer Media Foundation. With her passion for community service, Ms. Sing and her team help provide tool setting multimedia foundation platform for today’s television and online media with the most cutting-edge news live 24/7 around the globe for the community to stay connected. The intent of the service is not just viewing but also participation; include raising awareness of important issues, preserving our community’s unique heritage, and expanding economic opportunity.  She was a former Field Deputy for U.S. Congresswoman Juanita Millender-McDonald of the 37th Congressional District of California for over eight years. In her capacity as a Field Deputy, she has a variety of duties/responsibilities including: Asian/Asian Pacific Islanders Affairs, Congressional Women and Children issues, Coordinated the Annual Congressional Art Competition and Community Pride Awards and Public Relations.  Over the past fifteen years, she has accomplished numerous community projects, including the Annual Anaheim Street International Festival & Exposition, the Cambodian- American Business Directory, the Annual Cambodian-American Beauty Pageant, and the Annual Cambodian New Year Festival and the Annual Cambodian New Year Banquet. She also finds time to serve as a Board Member for Cambodian Orphanage International, Inc., Orphan, Elderly and Disable Development Organization, Girl Scout of Long Beach, Khmer Buddhist Association, Inc. and Board of Advisory Committee to Chief of Police, Long Beach, CA. With her passion for community service and strong positive outlook, Ms. Sing will continue contributing to the community and dedicating her life to helping children around the world.

He holds a Master of Electrical Engineering Degree from the State Engineering University of Republic of Armenia.  He has a broad experience in all aspects of Alternative Energy Technologies and Alternative Fuels, Nutraceuticals & Supplements formulations.  And has extensive experience in International Trade, Technical Sales, Marketing, Projects, and Funding.  He brings diverse experience in Domestic and International Business Development area.

​Dr. Jim Stewart

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Dr. Manolo Cevallos

LaMet Wilson

He is a Business Advisor, earned M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Physics from Yale University, plus an M.S. in Urban Studies from the University of Southern Connecticut.  He was formerly Professor of Physics at the University of New Haven and did research in nuclear and chemical physics.  He has also had positions as the Executive Director of the Connecticut Human Services Reorganization Commission, of the Connecticut United Labor Agency, and of People for Parks of Los Angeles, as well as Associate Director of the Southern California Council on Environment and Development and organizer of Earth Day Los Angeles.

He is the President/CEO of KEPX RADIO.  He started at Columbia Broadcasting School and then enrolled in the Career Academy broadcasting school in Hollywood, California  after spending two years in the military service, he used his GI benefits to pursue a broadcasting career.  After Career Academy, he attended the Don Martin School of Communications to get his First Class FCC license.  With that step completed, he bought a transmitter and began broadcasting live from his own radio station.  His extensive life experiences in radio broadcasting as a disc jockey, program director to KTOT and recording a three-hour radio show for Community Radio XHIM.   He also ventured out of radio into other business opportunity, he owned a panty hose company called Peacock Hosiery and a tour bus company, named Alymet Express.  He is also the co-founder of PEP Wireless, but he could never get radio out of his blood.  This journey of birth and rebirth has brought him to where he is today, with an unstoppable zest to start a 24-hour radio station designed to uplift people through Inspirational Music, Gospel, Quiet Storm, Neo-Soul, Smooth Jazz, R & B, and Motivational Talk.  Thus the name “KEPX” means Knowledge Empowering People Extraordinaire.  The 10.5 means that, on a scale from 1 to 10, we are 10.5!
That is how a disc jockey named CAPTAIN MET was born.

​Gary Gevorgyan

Mankind can find happiness only in Unity, not in


Sri Sathya

Sai Ba Ba

Mony Sing

He is a Chairman, CEO & President of U.S. Latino American Chamber of Commerce (USLACC) As the Founding President and CEO of USLACC, he is also the President of MCG Sports and Entertainment, which has been credited with organizing over 100 International Soccer Games over the past 22 years in both the USA and other countries, between National and professional soccer teams from Latin America and Europe. He managed and produced the CONCACAF Gold Cup in 1996 with nine National Teams, including U.S.A., Mexico, and Brazil. He has promoted massive music festivals and events dedicated to promoting cultural exchange and community pride in the Latino Community, such as “Cinco de Mayo” and Independence Day, where past attendance exceeded 80 thousand people over a two day period.  He has a Ph.D. in International Politics and Government Finance.  He has served as Southern Region Chair and member of the Board of Directors of the California State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (CAHCC) for the last twelve years and is the Founding Board Member  prior to this, he served as the President of the U.S. Ecuadorean American Chamber of Commerce (USEACC).   He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Project Development Foundation (GPDF) which promotes social and humanitarian development and infrastructure in developing countries.